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y, you appall me! What a sordid mind you have under that sunny exterior; out upon you! I never make rendezvous—absolutely not.” “Well, she swore that she’d met you and Bhakdi at a special concert while he was visiting Singapore.” “Oh, extremely special,” murmured the


Honourable Tony, a reminiscent gleam in his eye. “Rather! She sang some little songs that were quite as special as anything I’ve ever heard in my life, and at one time or another I’ve heard a good few. Bhakdi was most frightfully bowled over; he gave her two hammered go


ld buckles and a warm invitation to drop in on him at any time that she was in the neighbourhood. I rather fancy that that’s what’s at the bottom of all this; taking one thing with another, I’m inclined to believe that277 Necessity became a Mother again when our little Dai


sy barged into you, and that the expiring brother is simply one of her inventive offspring. Hence, death and the tin mines! By the way, just how did the young female barge into you?” “She had the next seat on the train from Singapore, curse her!” replied Ledyard vindictiv

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ely. “And she sat there as good and quiet as pie, squeaking out, ‘Yes, I sank you’ and ‘No, I sank you’ every time I asked her if s

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dezvous that the two of you fi

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he wanted the window up, or the shades down or—or anything. I tell you butter wouldn’t have melted in her nasty little pai

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Singapore?” His host loo

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nted mouth! Then when we found that you and Bhakdi had lit out after tigers, and I decided that I’d just have time before the n

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d but magnanimous. “William,

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ext boat to hire a crew and hunt you down, she went off into twenty-one different kinds of hysterics until I promised to bring her along,


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too. ‘Five meenit—only five small lil’ meenit to spik weeth the gr-reat, the good Sultan, and the gr-reat, nobl’ Honable Meestaire Tonee Calver’, and her Manuelo would be restore once more to her arms.’ When I think that I fell for that I could choke down a quart of carbolic straight.” “Oh, I can quite see how it came about—quite, quite!” murmured the Honourable Tony, pensively sympathetic. “Believe me, you can’t see the half of it!”278 Ledyard ran a frenzied hand through the sandy hair. “Listen, how about getting away now, before s

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